Blogs by RBE

  • May 2021 Issue

    Jewellery During Lockdown
    At a time when we're being bombarded with terrifying news updates, and of nonstop worry about my family and friends, is it really necessary to put on a pretty necklace, a dangly pair of earrings or pop in a pair of studs? The answer is yes. It allows us to have a small glimmer of normalcy, a fleeting moment of reprieve, and it can definitely be a mood booster.

  • April 2021 Issue

    Let the Sprouting Begin!
    The birds are chirping, and spring is definitely in the air, so it is time to start prepping your garden. Growing fresh herbs is a great way to experience gardening if you have little outdoor space or want to experiment before committing to a full garden. Herbs are easy to love because they add flavor to foods—and a lovely scent to the kitchen and wonderful flavors.
  • November 2020 Issue

    Holiday Gift Guide
    Gift giving can be both difficult and time-consuming as everyone hopes to give their loved ones, family and friends something that they truly want and need! At RBE we understand this and we want to help by making your holiday season as easy and stress-free as possible. So, we created multiple holiday and Christmas gift guides! We have gifts suitable for men, women, teens, and more!