Blogs by RBE

  • April 2021 Issue

    Let the Sprouting Begin!
    The birds are chirping, and spring is definitely in the air, so it is time to start prepping your garden. Growing fresh herbs is a great way to experience gardening if you have little outdoor space or want to experiment before committing to a full garden. Herbs are easy to love because they add flavor to foods—and a lovely scent to the kitchen and wonderful flavors.
  • October 2020 Issue

    Hello Herschel
    Introducing new timeless products with a fine regard for detail by Herschel Supply. Not only are we excited to offer such thoughtfully-designed bags and accessories, but the bonus is that the brand is Canadian! Now based in Vancouver, the brand is named after a small town in Saskatchewan. With its small-town roots, we knew the brand would be a perfect addition to the Perth community!