June 2021 Issue

Tips & Tricks on how to fool your green thumb friends.


Many of us are spending a lot more time at home, and adding greenery is really important, whether you have a green thumb or not. 

Faux plants bring a touch of softness, texture, colour, and life. Adding touches of nature into your home creates a natural sense of calm within your environment, without the hard work that real plants require. 

Whether you want to liven up a dark corner in a room, add a pop of colour to a space, or cover up pesky cords and plugs, faux plants will help your home feel fresh all year. 

Plants need a lot of sunlight and TLC to thrive, so keeping this in mind will help you pass off your faux botanicals as the real deal. Placing them in areas of your home where you would naturally put a real plant, like near a window or doorway where more sunlight tends to peek in. 

Another easy way to make your faux plant look like the real deal is to add dirt into your pot or planter. Whether it is a small planter on a shelf, an arrangement of succulents on a side table or a large potted tree, adding dirt or moss will make it look real and fool even the green thumb enthusiasts! The best part... no watering necessary, just the occasional dusting to keep your faux babies looking fresh!

Change up the look of your faux botanicals by re-potting them. The design of your planter can add colour and texture to your space, acting as decor all on its own. Planters can easily add a touch of whimsy, be bold to make a statement, or can be neutral to blend in. Choose whatever works best for your taste and style. Remember the key to your  space is adding elements of design that speak to you. 

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