May 2021 Issue

Why its important to still put on jewellery during lock down.


At a time when we're being bombarded with terrifying news updates, and of nonstop worry about family and friends, is it really necessary to put on a pretty necklace, a dangly pair of earrings or pop in a pair of studs? The answer is yes. It allows us to have a small glimmer of normalcy, a fleeting moment of reprieve, and it can definitely be a mood booster.

Jewellery quickly became a very important section of our little shop. It was always important to carry Canadian artists, who care about our environment, our people, and companies who stand by their craftsmanship.

Pika & Bear Merchant Trading is located in Regina, Saskatchewan. Jonathan founded his company in 2012 and has been catching eyes ever since! Pika & Bear’s source of inspiration is wildlife and its natural surroundings. Since day one, Jonathan & Sarah set out a mandate to help financially assist in both wildlife and natural conservation that are not-for-profit and are currently involved in 10 organisations , across three continents. Their heart and souls are in this company, and it shows!

Pika & Bear collection offers the modern woman's answer to expressing a clean, classic, understated style. It is on trend, contemporary, and minimalist. We carry a beautiful selection of rings, necklaces, and earrings in .925 sterling silver, gold vermeil, gold plate, silver plate, and brass.


Glee Jewelry is based in beautiful Victoria, B.C on Vancouver Island. If you have ever had the opportunity to travel to or live near Victoria, you are truly fortunate. The abundance of natural beauty can take your breath away and awaken your senses. Many of their designs have an organic flair with hammered finishes, smokey quartz, druzy stones, turquoise, labradorite, and amethyst to name a few. Whether you consider yourself to be contemporary, exotic, or simplistic Glee will have you wearing a piece that showcases you.


Sweet Three Designs is created from a girl tribe, in a small town in rural Alberta. A tribe with big dreams on their mind and a mom with a passion to teach her young ladies about running a business! Sweet Three Designs began as a hobby, a fun way to educate her girls on running a business and before they knew it their passion turned into a full-time dream come true, with retail stores from B.C to Ontario! No matter what these girls, aged 8, 10, and 12 choose to do with their career or where in the world they decide to land, they will be fully equipped with business skills thanks to the love of their mom.

We also carry DIY jewellery kits created by Sweet Three Designs. Maybe you have a child or even yourself are dreaming about becoming a designer, an artist, or just like to stay busy with a craft. This activity is amazing for kids, teens, adults or can be used as a great way to bond with your children or a group of friends. All kits come complete with professional earring cards, so the finished project can be proudly displayed or gifted to loved ones. Each kit includes everything you need to complete six pairs of earrings!


jj+rr is designed and curated not too far from home in beautiful Toronto, Ontario! Waidy & her sister Jenny, go above and beyond for their retailers, their pride for their company shines like a bright beacon. Waidy's start in the jewelry & accessory business began while working her way through Ryerson University, when a coworker admired a hair accessory, of Waidy's own design, and purchased it right on the spot! At that moment there was no way stopping them from reaching for the stars! FAB's pieces have been featured in Seventeen, In Style, Teen Vogue, Self, Toronto Fashion, Chatelaine, Flare, and more!!!

Where did jj+rr's name come from? It was created from family, the glue that holds us together. It was created from the love of Waidy's two sons Jaden and Ryan + Jenny and her husband can't get much cuter than that!


Glass House Goods is a one woman show from Napanee, Ontario. Ricki had a desire to create a brand like she hadn’t seen before. GHG was created to remind women of their strengths, their truth, and their sass in a stylish way. Leaving only the wearer with the knowledge of the secret message hidden on the inside! Glass House Goods created a bracelet that is exclusive to Red Brick Emporium. A simple, everyday reminder just for our RBE lovelies!


Ricki just launched a new line called Our Girls. This new line is designed to remind you of the girl you once were, and the girl you might be raising, a niece, a god daughter or a family friend. A line to remind them of their strength, fierceness, and heart.

The next time you put on your necklace, bracelet, or earrings, smile and think about the impact you are making, the lives you are supporting and remember how truly grateful the Red Brick Emporium team and all it’s makers are!

We appreciate you, we love you are are forever grateful for supporting us in the past, present and future! xo

Good rule to follow for jewellery: Last Thing On, First Thing Off ~ Just Wear the Jewellery!

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