Must Haves For Canada Day

Must have items for hosting a Canada Day BBQ


We’ve rounded up some must-have items that you may want to stock up on ahead of the Canada Day long weekend!


Hydration Station


These are becoming increasingly popular on Pinterest and are an easy addition to your Canada Day celebrations! Our Vesper Craft Cocktail Jars make it easy for hosts to get creative with their beverages! You simply add the recommended liquor, or even if they’re just variations of flavoured water they are beautiful to look at and taste fantastic too!


Charcuterie Boards


Yummy no matter what! Whether they’re filled with meats and cheeses, pretzels, waffles, or candy, these can be showstoppers when hosting people for a gathering. Getting creative with your charcuterie platters and complimentary serve ware will have your guests lavishing you with all kinds of compliments!


If you are wanting to highlight your event with a customized engraved board, we would love to help! With our CNC Laser on site, it allows us the ability to add a sweet saying, family name, or a fun quote in no time!




Placing an arrangement of lanterns around your patio adds a touch of romance to your event.

As the skies darken, and the candles are lite, the vibe of the evening starts to shift with the anticipation of the fireworks that will soon take place.


Red & White Linens


This weekend is all about showing off the colours red and white and changing up your kitchen linens will add just the right finish to your decor!


Whether you are surrounded by family and friends or celebrating on your own you can add subtle little touches to make Canada Day feel extra special.



Celebrating Canada Day is instantly more fun when you add a splash of creativity! Whether you're decorating flags, painting maple leaves, or crafting your own unique Canadian masterpiece, our high-quality paints are your perfect partner!

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